Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Proposal

Description of Content

The documentary will be made up of; interviews, re-enactments, informative texts and facts about binge drinking, including graphical images, but it will contain no narrative speech. It will begin with a compilation of shocking footage and it will be produced on digital format cameras and edited using Final Cut Pro software for Mac. 

The Proposal

We are making a moving image, it will be similar to a documentary and it will be aimed at stopping all 16-18 year olds from binge drinking (drinking until the body cant handle it), because, consuming an excessive amount of alcohol at a daily rate will indefinitely cause future problems associated with mental and physical health issues. This documentary will provide evidence of the effects of alcohol when its drunk in moderation and show the audience what happens to teenage binge drinkers. We will try to shock the audience with facts and footage as well as teach them about alcohol in general.

Media studies project

This blog is dedicated to all the work that i have done for my media studies project, which is aimed at stopping teenagers from binge drinking.
This may seem like a difficult project but we live in ibiza where it is easy for teenagers to gain access to alcohol, the levels of alcohol that are used here are immense, but there is one man who tries to help all of them: Brian Hesley.